Room 1

  1. Peningkatan Keterampilan Menulis Bahasa Prancis dalam Materi Decrire Une Personne melalui Media Kahoot (Agustina Pramu Indah)
  2. Using ICT to Promote HOTS based-Learning Process: Cartoonize Your Holiday Story (Fitria Lusanda)
  3. Implementation of 4C Learning to Improve Motivation and Learning Outcomes Using Sparkol & CL3 (Amaliah)
  4. HOTS-based Digital Storytelling Project to Improve Students’ English Productive Skills at Grade IX of SMPN 5 Panggang, Gunungkidul (Laily Amin Fajariyah)

Room 2

  1. Meningkatkan HOTS Siswa SMPN 1 Martapura melalui Permainan I am the Expert (Gusti Wildayani)
  2. HOTS Implementation to Improve Writing Skill Using Mind Mapping (Arnita Budi Siswanti)
  3. Implementing Games as a Means of Fostering Higher Order Thinking Skills (Yunalia Anugraheny)
  4. Human Values-based Teaching: Higher Order Thinking Skills Using the Dhall & Tehseen Model (Dr Suma Parahakaran, Dr Ng Khar Thoe & Arathai Din Eak)

Room 3

  1. The Improvement of Reading Skill Using Tips-Disco for Deaf Students (Narsim)
  2. Promoting HOTS by Implementing Process Approach in Writing (Arni Ferra Sinatra)
  3. Critical Literature Circles to Elevate Critical Thinking of Indonesian College EFL Students (Arif Husein Lubis)
  4. HOTS Integration in the Interventions Enhancing Critical Reading and Creative Writing Skills (Gemma Marie C. Baltazar & Desiree C. Hidalgo)

Room 4

  1. Applying Metacognitive Strategies to Promote Higher Level of Students’ Thinking (Lasma Dwina Rosmalianti Tulusita)
  2. Multiple Intelligences in Learning Foreign Languages based-HOTS for Elementary School (Suci Ramadhanti Febriani)
  3. Use of Metacognitive Pedagogical Sequence in Engaging Students Patients in Listening Lesson (Nor Asikin binti Pudin)