Room 1

  1. The Meaning Behind Word Arigatou in Japanese (Nalti Novianti)
  2. The Mastery of Emotion Word by The Students of Indonesian Language for Foreigners (Mirta Nuril Maghfiroh)
  3. Indonesian Language Learning Innovation for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) in Writing Aspect Based on Cultural Consevation through Strategy in Writing Rhymes (U’um Qomariyah, SPd, MHum)

Room 2

  1. Total Physical Respones as an Ice-Breaker in Foreign Language Class (Maya Rizky Fauzia, MPd)
  2. Improving Students’ Storytelling Skill on Elementary School by Using Take and Give Methods Based Enviromental Education (Nia Budiana, MPd)
  3. R and P Learning Model Based on Contemporary Puppet Show for the Students of Bahasa Indonesia for Non-Native Speakers to Improve the Understanding of Indonesian Culture (Dr Nugraheni Eko Wardani, MHum)
  4. Peningkatan Kemampuan Berbicara Bahasa Mandarin Melalui Model Pembelajaran Quantum Learning (Nurina Delia Utami, SPd)

Room 3

  1. The Use of Oral Communication Strategies Across Students of Diffrent Proficiencies (Siti Rohani, SPd, MPd, PhD)
  2. Materi Ajar Berbicara Bahasa Mandarin Berbasis Pendekatan Kuantum (Tri Budianingsih)
  3. Story Telling Cerita Fabel Berwawasan Budi Pekerti dengan Media Boneka Tangan sebagai Implementasi Kesantunan Berbahasa (Wati Istanti, SPd, MPd)

Room 4

  1. The English Writing Ability of Indonesian Scientists (Dr Yudi Setyaningsih, SPd, MPd and Dr Eugenius Sadtono)
  2. A Study of the Arabic Academic Writing Problems of Islamic University Students (Zakiyah Arifa, MPd)
  3. Students’ Speaking Ability Reflected in Guiding Practice (Melany, SSTPar, MMTr)