Room 1

  1. Implementation of Computer Based Multimedia in Class Production Orale PRÉ ÉLÈMENTAIRE (Evi Eviyanti)
  2. Process of Students’ Attitude Change toward Portofolios Introduced in the JF Language Courses: Toward New Possibility of Assessing Language Learning (Katagiri Junji)


Room 2

  1. Assessment on the Basis of Competence Knowledge of Writing of French Language (Diah Natalia)
  2. Using Rubrics In Assesing Students’ Writing to Enhance Students’ Awareness of The Instructional Goals (Hamamah, PhD and Ika Nurhayani, PhD)
  3. Authentic assessment as an alternative assessment toward variety of English in English Language Teaching (Megawati, SPd)


Room 3

  1. Developing Communicative Language Test and High Order Thinking Skills for Vocational Senior High School (Drs Andri Defrioka, MPd)
  2. English Teachers’ Perception on the Assesment of Pronounciation in Oral Communication Classes (Nurdiana SPsi, MHum)
  3. Implementing Task-Based Learning and Assessment in Writing and Students’ Response as as Evaluation to the Teacher’s Learning Process (Raden Rara Dewi Sartika, SPd, MPd)
  4. تطوير نموذج التقييم الأصيل للدارسين في المدرسة الابتدائية في المهارات العربية

Pengembangan Model Penilaian Auntentik Keterampilan Bahasa Arab bagi Siswa SD/MI

(Raswan, MPd, MPdI)


Room 4

  1. The Relationship Between Students’ Writing Habit, Grammar Mastery, and Their Writing Skill in Descriptive Text (Iffah Saliimah, MPd)
  2. Correlation between Interest Japanese Song with Ability of Chokai or Listening (Sri Aju Indrowaty, MPd)
  3. The Influence of The Laotian’s Mother Tongue on Indonesian Alphabet Pronounciation (Comparative Historical Research at Indonesia Learning Program in KBRI LAOS) (Sri Astuti, MPd)
  4. Different Approaches to Classroom Action Research: from execution to reporting (Dr Ardi Marwan, MEd)