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Annual International Symposium of Foreign Language Learning

AISOFOLL is an annual event that held by SEAMEO QITEP in Language (SEAQIL), has been started since 2010, which is a forum for educators, practitioners and researchers to share research results and good practices regarding issues and trends in language teaching. In the symposium, language experts from Southeast Asia region and beyond were invited as the keynote speakers to present their research results in the plenary session at the symposium. Not only keynote speakers, the selected speakers also will present their research results and good practices in a parallel session. Each session will end with a question and answer session.

Below are the themes of the 1st AISOFOLL until the 14th AISOFOLL.

The 14th AISOFOLLExperiencing Metaverse in Language Teaching
The 13th AISOFOLLKeeping up with the New Trends in Language Teaching
The 12th AISOFOLLThe Use of Technology to Assist Teachers and Students in Language Learning
The 11th AISOFOLLFacing Industrial Revolution 4.0 through Language Education
The 10th AISOFOLLTaking Students’ Thinking to Higher Levels through Language Education
The 9th AISOFOLLBringing Multiliteracies to Language Teaching
The 8th AISOFOLLSupporting the Enhancement of Critical Thinking Skills through Language Teaching
The 7th AISOFOLLLanguage Teaching Evaluation: What do we need to measure?
The 6th AISOFOLLClassroom Action Research: Designing Innovative Foreign Language Teaching
The 5th AISOFOLLSocial, Cultural and Political Contexts of Language Education in 21st Century
The 4th AISOFOLLEmbedding Culture and Technology in Foreign Language Education
The 3rd AISOFOLLExploring Issues on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching in Southeast Asia
The 2nd AISOFOLL Building Awareness on the Standards Implementation for Foreign Language Learning in Southeast Asia Region
The 1st AISOFOLLExploring Standards for Foreign Language Learning in Southeast Asia

Prior to the symposium, SEAMEO QITEP in Language will open registration for educators, practitioners and researchers who are interested in presenting their research results at the symposium. For those who are interested, they can submit their papers according to the procedures and the specified registration timeframe. The paper submission will be selected and evaluated by the assessment team. Selected papers will have the opportunity to present at a parallel session. The paper will be compiled in the form of proceedings that have the ISSN.

Not only that, educators, practitioners and researchers also have the opportunity to participate in the symposium.