Please send your biography together with the abstract using following format:

1. Full name
2. Position/department/organization/country
3. Biography (word count should not exceed 50 words)
4. Contact information (Address, contact/mobile number, email address)
5. Name for the Certificate

Example Biography:
John Doe
Lecturer, Faculty of Education
University of SEAQIL, Jakarta,
Biography: (no more than 100 words)

John Doe is Lecturer of Faculty of Education at the University Of SEAQIL, Jakarta.  He received a BS degree in education studies from The Worcester University and the MA and PhD in Educational Studies from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.  He also has been active in the area of educational research for over 15 years at the Language Education Research Centre.  His international experience includes programs and consultancies in Australia, Brazil, China, and Spain.  His current research focuses on the contribution of teacher development/CPD and practitioner research to the formation of new professional and learner identities.


Contact Information:

Faculty of Education
University of SEAQIL,
Jagakarsa, Jakarta Selatan
Indonesia 12640
Tel: +62 7888 4073

Name for the Certificate: JOHN DOE